🎧 PACE: Podcast AI for Chapters and Episodes

PACE is a semantic search engine that helps you find the information you need, in a fast and easy way.

🤌 PACE is a hackathon project?

  • Real-world: find the right episodes or chapters in a podcast for a specific topic
  • AI-first: combine multiple AI models to build something useful
  • MVP: up and running in 2 days

🎙️ How it works?

Podcasts are usually long-form audio content. They could contain many interesting topics, but you may be interested in only one or some of them.

PACE got you covered!

  • 🔈 Speech Processing: Generate chapters from audio tracks
  • 📃 NLP: Search for episodes or chapters using natural language
  • 🎨 Computer Vision: Generate artwork for chapters using text-to-image models
  • 💻 Web: Flask + Elasticsearch to build a web app

🙏🏻 Acknowledgements

  • AssemblyAI for the outstanding experience (and the free credits)
  • Cohere for the amazing API
  • 🎬 plyr.io for the media player design
  • 🤗 Huggingface for the amazing models
  • ☕️ ☕️ 🧃 for the energy